When we talk about life-changing events in Web 3, they tend to be positive things like minting a blue chip project or making the right call. But having the doctor tell you that you have an incurable illness and you only have several years left, is something that would change your life.

In this show, Ivan Yeo, one of the co-founders of Avium is going to share his story to build a decentralized eSport ecosystem in Web 3. Before creating Avium, Ivan Yeo was the ex-founder of Evos, one of Southeast Asia’s influential eSport organizations with more than 7+ million followers on Instagram and 500K+ on Facebook.

With a range of business awards and accolades from Forbes 30 under 30, and Tatler, Ivan would share with us his story of conviction, and how at his peak, he was forced to step down due to a growing health concern but was undeterred and decided to rekindle his passion in Web 3. He would also share the value of vision, and a passion to build.


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