None of these Giveaways are endorsement of the project and none of the content that Non-Fungible TC creates constitutes as financial advice.

Please automatically assume that the team were given WL allocations from the projects featured in these giveaways.

Scammers are becoming smarter and posing themselves as “projects” to drain people’s wallet, before minting, double check that the project is safe to mint.

Check their Twitter or Discord (e.g., disabled comments) for red flags or whether anybody calls out the contract for being a wallet drainer.

Non-Fungible TC and other collaboration mangers involved in these giveaways are not liable for any financial losses as a result of you joining these giveaways. Upon participating the giveaways, you waive all of the above parties from any liability as a result of your participation.

Please note that winning the giveaway does not ensure 100% that you could mint, as projects might over-allocate WL, team could forget adding the winning mint wallet, or other potential reasons.

In the case of any disputes, Non-Fungible TC and other collaboration managers reserves the right of final decision on all matters relating to these giveaways, which shall be binding on all the parties concerned.

These giveaways are provided to try and level the playing field in such a difficult market.

Here are some on-going and past giveaways and collaborations that were made possible with @Mugiwara_eth and @ca1ebCS, if you are a project and would like to host giveaways, please contact @Mugiwara_eth to explore further.

If you are not a project, feel free to check out the giveaways at your own risk. Always do your research before you FOMO or do anything. The space is extremely risky when there is lack of liquidity and when everybody is risk off. Here’s the story about the giveaways if you are interested in reading:

“I’ve had the pleasure speaking with Mugiwara after meeting him in a community. After learning his story on how he lost everything after a hack, and how he is now rebuilding his portfolio as a collaboration manager. His experience is very encouraging and eye-opening. He shared with me about the roles of a collaboration manager and how he is now pursuing this full-time. This is very commendable. Since his story was really motivating, I told him to come to my channel. He said might consider it after he is successful.

Regardless, I believe that anyone who is still here in a bear market and is still chasing their dream is very successful, that is why I started my channel to interview different stories, no matter how big or small. Bull or Bear. All I need is just authenticity and passion.

After watching some of my videos, Mugiwara said he wanted to be my collaboration manager, so that we can give back to the viewers and lower the playing-ground. Which I think is a great idea!
With projects giving away WLs/ALs to NFT communities/raffles like promotional leaflets, it is very hard for the public to have a chance to mint an NFT at public, hence less opportunities.
Moving forward, I will be hosting NFT WL/AL Giveaways courtesy of @Mugiwara_eth and @ca1ebCS. If I think that it would be interesting to do a video on a certain project, I might feature them on “NFT Reviews for the Views”! I believe this is the true spirit of #WAGMI, it is not just being in an NFT Project and wishing each other success in an echo-chamber by riding on the project team’s effort. But it is the network you build and effort that you put in the space to chase your dreams together.”
Hopefully you are able to benefit from this arrangement as well.



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