About Non-Fungible TC

“This is Your Host Non-Fungible TC, Non-Fungible Today and Non-Fungible Tomorrow”

I am Non-Fungible TC and the host of this channel, I use this platform to share the latest news about Web 3.0 and interview people to share their untold stories!

Instead of hearing about the next 100x project, you will hear stories of how the family of a child with altruism is embracing NFTs for good, the story of a 11-year-old developer and other heart touching stories in Web 3.0. The topic discussed are mostly surrounding NFTs, Metaverse, DAOs, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Unlike other channel that focus on the monetary aspect, this channel focuses more on the people story, after all, the value of all NFT project relies on the people, the team and the community.

Within this website, you will find different type of materials that belongs to their respective creators, I do not own the materials there and they are only embedded for educational purposes on the website. The content is embedded and use them ONLY AT YOUR OWN RISK. I hope that this website could provide value as a centralized HUB and helps users to navigate quickly, it you like those materials, please feel free to support those people by following them on social media or even using their services, their links and logos are accessible and you can click it to access them directly.

I hope you enjoy the content and the stories of people building within this space and if you like the content feel free to share with your friends and family and don’t forget to like and subscribe! Non-Fungible TC is a channel covering different topics and themes related to web 3.0.

/// Bio ///

Non-Fungible TC is a Web 3 content creator who has made a name for himself by uncovering and sharing untold stories from the decentralized Web. As the first Chinese content creator from Hong Kong to join the Rug Radio decentralized media network, he was able to bring a different perspective to Web 3 on his YouTube Channel.

Prior to joining Rug Radio, some of his notable interviews include conversations with prominent figures in the space such as Evans (Animoca Brands), Franklin (Bored Ape Whale), Zeneca (ZenAcademy), Rosco (Revoke.Cash), and Punk 9059 (NFTstatistics).

In addition, Non-Fungible TC has explored heart-warming stories in Web 3, shedding light on how NFTs and the Metaverse could open up new opportunities for talented children on the spectrum and inspire hope for people in developing countries where inflation runs rampant.

He has also hosted various workshops on Web 3 in the past, and has experience in different Metaverses by building virtual galleries and hosting virtual events. He has also been invited to speak and moderate at different events like Fabrix at PMQ and CGC11.

There are four shows covering different topics:

“NFT Reviews for the Views” is the self-explanatory show that is done only for the views and the keyword search. In this series, Non-Fungible will review projects and share his genuine thoughts on the project. Please note that some projects might offer Non-Fungible TC to give away WL/AL, but he is only offering them to add value to the viewers and will make sure to share that with the them. The prerequisite of accepting these WL/AL giveaway is that Non-Fungible TC could share his genuine thoughts towards a project and that his editorial freedom is not affected.

“Click Bait Show” is the daily show from Monday to Friday between 0900-1300 UTC reviewing specific NFT projects and providing market updates with regards to Web 3.0. While the “Non-Fungible Show” is a weekly video looking at the upcoming web 3.0 projects and NFT drops, may feature other content as well and is slowly merging as part of the “Click Bait Show”.

Interviews with Project / DApps / NFT Creators to have a better understanding of their project, background, and vision to make the world a better place.
Sharing of inspiring stories of people’s lives being changed by web 3.0 and other projects and their experience within this space.

Educational content related to web 3.0 and NFTs, and how to navigate this space through a series of interesting topics.

Past Speaking Opportunities:

MetaTalk Twitter Space #1
MetaTalk Twitter Space #11
Coniun Talks - Metaverse 101
Fireside Chat with Jesse Johnson at CGC11
Digital Fashion Talk with Local Fashion Designers
Mint Your NFTs Workshop at PMQ Detour 2021
Fabrix 2022 Panel Speaker
Speaking to students at CCC Kei Yuen College

Notable Retweets: