Let's all advocate a Non-Fungible Today and Non-Fungible Tomorrow mindset!

After a long deliberation, I feel like instead of trying to find a community to join, why not gather a small group of friends and create a community of my own. There is no promise of any utility as of this moment, but you have a passionate content creator (yours truly), who is creating daily content even if nobody is watching.

By being part of this community, you might have access to:

1) Me, for any 1 to 1 calls on Web 3 sharing and learning (I do not do project advisory or dump on my community, instead I want to share my learning in this space and help others succeed). You could also tap into my understanding of my Web 2 experience or gossip if that tickles your fancy.

2) Access to the Discord Giveaways hosted by my collaboration managers. It is much easier to arrange on Discord instead of Twitter.

3) Priority to share your story to me and join my channel as a guest.

4) Maybe an NFT pass free mint (emphasis on maybe), and benefits as the channel develops.

If this sounds good to you, feel free to send your application here: